Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I ran to one of the symbols. As I ran past I could hear the cicadas mocking, joking, and the wind whirling, twirling. I could feel the chill that zapped down my spine.

Finally I was there. It said number 31 so we ticked it and ran off.  I was filled with excitement because we were almost finished. But then we had to go to the other side of the forest, so we raced through the forest. "Yay!" I said.

We were not finished so I looked around. “Up there, there's the house! Come on!” I tried getting up the hill but I couldn't at first. Finally I got up and we ticked it off. We  were finished! Oh, What? Have we ticked number 30? No. Well where is it? I thought. We looked at the map. We have to go to our right. We raced across the forest. Where is it? It's supposed to be here. There it is - its up the tree. So I looked at it, then I drew it. We were finished!

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  1. I like how u said raced up the hill I also like how u said I could feel the chill that zapped down my spine, it reminded me when I did oreinteering and we couldn't find our last one so we just gave up.