Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Arts connections

This term we have been learning about the arts connections. Our performances went really 
well because we connected to the audience. How you ask? Well we made our voices louder and we were looking at the audience and making a connection. 

The highlights of the day were the drama performances because they had lots of action - they were exciting and some were dramatic. The most exciting moment of the play was the dance because the dance really stood out in a way, being exciting and playful.

I was showing kotahitanga and whanaungatanga because we were working as a team showing each other the actions if any got messed up and because I was trying to get other people to come to watch someone who didn't really have an audience.

When someone was doing a dance or a act I would show manaakitanga because I would respect them even if I didn't really like their performance so they had a smile. I would also  tell other people to be nice and smile.

When someone was doing their dance, play or act after or in the middle of a play I would say some things to my friends, for example this play is showing kotahitanga because there working as a team and helping each other.  Manaakitanga means that you are showing respect for your other classmates and treating them like family.

Here's the link for our act

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