Tuesday, 22 September 2015



Have you ever had the feeling you are having a bad day? It  all started on a great winter's day and we were in Hanmer staying in a bach beside a pine forest.

 It was really weird because it was a lovely little house and it had a massively oversized backyard. We were definitely going to play in that backyard.

 We were in the house playing monopoly. I really wanted to go  outside. So I wandered  off to play ball tag with my cousin Jack and my brother Tom.  I was in, and I was counting to 10.  They sprinted around the corner of the building.

  I was thinking to myself what mischief are they  going to get up to?  I found Jack in someone else's property. I told you they were going to get up to mischief.

Next they headed for a massive clump of green  flax.   I couldn't find them in there so I went to look on the footpath. I could hear the mischief makers  noises. I was wondering  what lay ahead.

Then something caught my eye. It looked like a kid,  then realised it  was Jack. I was about to throw the ball at him because I was still in.

  Somehow I accidently dropped the ball. It was pretty small and I probably had butter fingers  that doesn't help either. The ball was rolling into the middle of the road.

 I saw something coming right for it,  I didn’t want my ball to be ripped and broken so I sprinted for it. Now I could see it  properly. It was a car. I did the wrong thing, I dived  for the ball and  that was the worst thing of it all.
Well despite the landing I felt fine except I was a bit dizzy.  I thought to myself could this day get any worse?  Well it just did.
I walked back to the house thinking that i was pretty lucky to be alive.

  Then guess what i found in my bedroom?  My brother was digging into my lollies.  He pretty much ate all of them.

So how did I react you ask? I took a deep breath and I carried on, although I felt like a volcano about to explode.  I learnt a lesson to carry on and just deal with a bad day otherwise it could get worse. 

The next day, I Woke up at 6 o’clock to my cousins  screaming  and I just knew it was going to be a bad day.


  1. What I didn't know Tom ate the lollies! It was a bad day and I'm SO SUPER HAPPY you are still alive!!!! Mum xx

  2. You're a crazy little man! At least it was a goodish ending, not a bad one!!! Really like the way you are opening with a question to hook the reader. Also really impressed to see some complex sentences adding detail and flow to your writing. keep it up champ; you're quite a talented lad!

  3. Boy that story kept me hooked. Glad that car did not hit you. Poppa better watch out or you will be telling the stories at bedtime to him and Tom!! Love Nonna and Poppa xx

  4. Hi Max it is neat to be able to read your blogs...keep them coming! We were so pleased that you were ok after that close call. Ball or Max? Hmmmmm? Easy Max! How about all of the trips running up and down those stairs on the hydroslide you boys did, I don't know how you kept on going but you did. I think you only stopped once to scoff some hot chippies. Aunty Katie x