Thursday, 29 October 2015

It was a blazing summer day in Aussie. It was 33 degrees outside.

I was in a ride at dreamworld it was called the wipeout and it is so freaky but fun at the same time. Man it looked scary like the tower of terror. It looks exciting but scary at the same time. So here we go I was sitting in my set
Then the person who was running it said get ready so I was huffing and puffing. With excitement
Then the wipeout started to spin round and round then I felt a bit sick and then guess what I spewed on my mum and I am not joking. This is a terrible ride I am never going on wipeout again. I tried to do a different ride.

The tower of terror 2.

“the tower of terror is a really freaky ride i don't know why I am doing it maybe because I am crazy and my dad dared me to”. I am excited to do it to though. So I was getting on the ride called the dan dan da tower of terror. Then three two one voosh. We were off we were going around 120 km h which is really fast. Then we were going back down but at the moment I am looking straight down here we go so we are going straight down aaghh I felt like I fainted. After the ride my hair was sticking right up like a tall piece of grass.


  1. I like your story mostly the tower of terror I like how you described the scene it sounded very exciting your story had lots of detail I like the bit when you were on the wipe out and you spewed on your mum I wish I was there

  2. Awesome descriptions Max. Fantastic I could feel the "Freaky ride" when reading it.