Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The native path

The native path.
Where does my heart lie?

Where the ti kōuka dances
in the breeze. 

Where I walk down the path and stones 
dig into my feet. Stabbed like tiny knives.

Where harakeke bangs and waves in the 
wind like a crowd of people.

Where the sun shines in my eyes 
making me to squint.

Where fantails flutter in the wind just 
like it was a sprint race.

I am learning to use personification and connect other ideas to it.

I am going well because I'm connecting personification for example where does my heart lie it's where the ti kōuka dances in the breeze.

My next step is to help others in need if they ask for help.


  1. I like the sun shines in my eyes making me squint I creates a picture in my mind of someone squinting

  2. I can imagine a big crowd of People.

  3. This is one of my favourite poems Max, I love the words you have chosen: squint, flutter, stabbed. Great job. Mrs P