Monday, 2 May 2016

Art reflection

Art reflection

I was learning about the elements of music like tempo. Tempo means that your music is either making the music faster or slower.

My writing is connected to my dream place because I thought the music would sound really good in the background. The emotion that 
I was going for was happy and exciting.

My learning went really well because I learnt something new that I really like.  I wasn’t distracted and it was fun.

I think my soundscape was relational because lots of my ideas are connected.  The instruments that I used were a shaker because I think it sounded like a fantail flapping it’s 


Mum is a bear hugging me
so tight that I can’t breathe, 
like a rope wrapped around me
pulling me. 

Mum is glitter sparkling
in the sun like clear water does. 
She has a rose perfume 
following her.

Mum is a squirrel talking too much. 
She is an English woman 
who gives me lots of warm feelings, 
like other family members.

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