Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tree climbing

Tree climbing.

I was first up to scatter up the tree! I had butterflies in my stomach you’d have to have nerves of steel to shimmy up the tree. My classmates were watching me. So I started to scatter up the oak. I was super scared but I said to myself that I would clamber to the top.

So I started to scramble up the tree, I was very nervous. I didn’t think that the harness would keep me safe so I willed that I wouldn't fall. “Ok I'm going good so far just keep climbing and don’t look down,” I said to myself. “or else”.
“You're almost halfway,” the instructor said to me. I looked down when I shouldn’t have. As a result, I was super scared I wanted to get down but I don’t want to, if you get what I mean.

Ok I'm halfway up the tree - just keep cloar my way up the oak tree, and think happy thoughts. So I kept shimmering up the tree. All I wanted to do was to shimmy back down the tree but I kept climbing. Finally  I was at the top of the tree. I felt a little bit scared because I was really high. Now I can shimmy back down the tree. All I was thinking at that time was “Yay! free time.


I was learning to use personification because I'm at that age where I have to use personification and show my emotions.

I think it went well because I was focused and stayed on task and did not sit next to my friends. I think I could of done better with my capital letters and full stops for example just keep climbing I need to put a full  stop.

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  1. Well done max. I liked how you built tension instead after you got down the tree.
    It reminds me of two things 1. Camp 2. The tree that you were talking about.