Thursday, 7 July 2016


Imagine you were an immigrant from a different country and when you moved here you couldn’t understand what people were saying. Or maybe when you walk down an ally the houses might be made differently. Or when you go to the market and you want something to eat they give you something that you have never seen before. Or on your first day of school you couldn’t even understand what other children were saying so you ran home and said can we move back to our home “country”?

Have you ever felt prejudice? Have you been prejudged because of your size or your skin color, age or maybe how much money you have? They all mean the same thing because they all are prejudice. Prejudice is where somebody labels you when they don’t know you.  Maybe when you're at school someone might say you’re a different colour so you can’t play with us, or if you’re a different colour that means that you have a gun or they're going to beat you up. Prejudice can be how they look or how much money you have or what you do or if you have physical disability or sexism.

A label means stereotype and prejudice means an opinion. Christchurch has a secret that needs to be fixed, that secret is that most Immigrants in New zealand feel isolated.   


In 2016 we have been learning about immigrants and trying to help them feel more welcome, so we talked to some parents who we can get information to help immigrants feel  more included.

We found out that the most common way to make them feel alienated is by racism and culture.  Things that make immigrants feel isolated are pointing, starring, laughing and teasing, racism and pointing out differences. These things make immigrants feel isolated.
How can we make Immigrants feel more welcome?
  1. Smile and say hello.
  2. If they are family or friends you could host a party for them.
  3. Treat them like everyone else and include them with what you are doing.
  4. Buy them a coffee or a tea and start a conversation.

I put treat them like everyone else and include them because then if your treating everyone else normally in the group then when you include them treat them the same. I connected buy them a coffee or a tea and start a conversation because that’s what normal people do, don’t they?

I think that we should stop making Immigrants feel isolated and treat them like everyone else.  We should stop prejudice for in the future because it will be a better country and more people will want to come here which will mean that we are going to meet more people in the future and have more friends. Then we will make immigrants in the past feel nonisolated and will tell their young ones that New Zealand is a really great place. This will make all the people in the world comment on New Zealand saying that our country is a great place for people to go if they need a home.

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