Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek

Hide and seek

The prickly sticks pinching my legs, 
The cold metal fence right beside me,
Shoosh joe you're going to get us caught
While The whistling wind is shaking the tree.

As I look at joe high in the tree a stroke of pane goes through my toes,
It's so windy I think the tree going to into the ground, don't scuffle, don't make a sound.

They're coming but who is in
 who is the one behind the tool shed 
Is she/he coming I can't see a thing

Now I can see who it is, it's 
My teacher but which teacher
Is it the blond blaster/red rounder
Don't breathe,don't move stay dumb.

She's coming over to our spot what should we do where do we hide joe says to hide behind a branch
But what happens if she still finds us,
FOUND YOU!!! oh no. 

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